Work with us

Our translators and interpreters must provide content of very high quality.

This means that translated texts or interpreted content must be correct in terms of language, style and terminology. It must have a uniform use of expressions, terms, words and abbreviations.

  • Translation or interpretation education qualifications and at least two years of documented translation experience, or
  • Equivalent linguistic expertise and at least two years of documented experience from translation or interpretation , or
  • At least five years of documented linguistic experience.

Additional beneficial expertise
Special expertise in one or more subjects is beneficial.

Mother tongue
You translate into your mother tongue or first language.

Formal requirements
Freelancers must ensure that they meet the applicable business and taxation regulations in the country where they work.

Tamarind Language Services has strict confidentiality requirements. As a freelance translator you must ensure that no unauthorised persons can access the information we provide you with. This means that you work with our projects on your own computer and confirm that all documents are handled with confidentiality. You will sign a confidentiality agreement.