Our Social Responsibility

Tamarind Language Services corporate social responsibility policy has been developed in line with our business concept and our values. This is represented by our attitude towards our employees, suppliers and customers, as well as projects that we are engaged in.

Our social outreach
Tamarind Language Services SWHAP Programme
Tamarind Language Services acknowledges the significant benefits that a workplace wellness programme can have on its employees and other organisational stakeholders.  Consequently, the company initiated the Tamarind Language Services Wellness Program under the auspices of the Swedish Workplace HIV AIDS Programme (SWHAP).

Since its inception, the programme has cared for staff and community through an innovative concept initiated in 2011.  The SWHAP programme uniquely contributes to the response to HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa having acknowledged the impact of the pandemic in view of both communicable and non-communicable diseases that intensify the risk of its spread and inordinately affect individuals living with the virus. The core purpose of SWHAP is to support companies and employees to prevent further spread of HIV and reduce the effects of the pandemic at Swedish-related workplaces through a wellness approach.

In line with the recently launched Sustainable Development Goals that strives to safeguard health and well-being for all in its recognition of the interdependence of health and development, Tamarind Language Services is committed to continue supporting and promoting the health and wellness of its employees, their families and all related stakeholders. The programme is revolutionising wellness for each participant, encouraging the adoption of lifestyles that promote health and well-being.  Provision of enabling company policies, a conducive working environment and the use of latest technologies where members are united through flexible and interactive forums that are simple, personable and fun to use.

Mikaoni Nursery School, Vipingo
The small village of Mikaoni lies far beyond the busy Mombasa-Malindi road at Vipingo on Kenya’s coast. A few years ago the local council built a small school building at Mikaoni, but had no means to maintain it. In 2013 the whole school, with 25 pupils, needed a total renovation.

When we discovered the school we promised to help out with the renovation on the condition that the area abound it was kept clean and litter-free. With the help of family and friends in Sweden, we built a new outside toilet. From 2014 the Swedish help organisation New Hope pays the salaries for two teachers which relieves the parents’ obligation to pay school fees. Instead, the parents contribute 50 shs/month for a mug of porridge which the mothers take it in turn to prepare.

When the school opened in January 2015 over 90 children wanted to join. A new classroom for the older children was created out of the school’s store room. A limit of 60 children was set, but it is not always adhered to. It is wonderful that so many small children get the opportunity to get familiar with letters, numbers and books. And not least, get a mug of porridge every morning.

Now, the children have school uniforms, the teachers have got the books required by the national curriculum and the standard of tuition has been raised. For fun during breaks, we built a playground with swings and a slide in the school yard.

Tamarind Language Services and New Hope will continue to support this lovely nursery school. It will give more children an opportunity for a better start in life and the parents will not feel the pressure of school fees that many of them can ill afford