What is Executive Public Address?

More than a public address system! Our Executive Public Address System is a unique service for running interactive meetings.

A roving microphone is certainly not the best in interactive meetings. Clumsy to handle for a facilitator at the podium who wishes to pace around, and limiting for members of the audience who wish to ask a question but there aren’t enough mics going round!

That is how our Executive PA system comes in handy. It comes with lapel microphones and a podium goose neck microphone as well as delegate consoles fitted with push-and-talk table microphones. Everyone in the room knows their opinion matters and all they need to know is raise their hand for the facilitator to allow them to comment or ask a question.

This is critical for efficient communication in stakeholder consultative forums, high level regional or global meetings, county consultative forums, government public policy and validation workshops led by expert facilitators, among others.

Icing on the cake: digital sound recording and media cables that allow for immediate circulation of deliberations on soft copy.

That is why we call it Executive PA as it gives an executive touch to important meetings!

A boardroom set up with Executive Public Address system ready for use.