We Have Relocated!

It’s with great anticipation and pleasure we that we let you know that we have moved offices! Our new office is located at the Shelter Afrique Centre on Longonot Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi. However, our phone number and other contacts remain the same.

In conjunction with our office move, we are creating a studio for the administration of our Hybrid and Virtual Meetings with Simultaneous Interpretation.  We are certain that our new service will be of value to our clients.  More information is provided on our website.

After a solid and expansive 11 years in the same location, we feel refreshed and thrilled about our new space!

Our new product

This transition is in line with making the most of the ‘new normal’ elicited by the Covid-19 containment measures. The ever-evolving technology has sparked innovation in the delivery of the conventional simultaneous interpretation services. So we introduce our newest product –  Hybrid and Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation. Our new office is optimised to manage virtual meetings more efficiently and deliver the advantages of this new and timely service to our clientele. Not only are virtual meetings with simultaneous interpretation easier to organise, even at short notice, they are also cost-effective – guaranteeing a significant reduction of travel and meeting-venue expenses.

Better flexibility and productivity, less time-waste

Our post-Covid-19 readiness with working-from-home has presented a load of benefits for our customers and staff including greater work flexibility,  increased productivity, improved well-being,  less time spent on commuting to work. Our clients will benefit from the added time we will spend on customer service.

We intend to make this new situation and the benefits that come along with it, more permanent.

We look at this move as the start of another chapter in our history.  If you’re ever in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area, feel free to pass by, we’d love to show you around!

Welcome! Karibu! Bienvenue!

Tamarind Language Services has moved