Tamarind Translations at the Devolution conference

In March, Tamarind Translations participated in the 6th Annual Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga, central Kenya. Organised by the Council of Governors and the 47 county governments, this annual event showcases county achievements since the inception of devolution in Kenya in 2010.

The decentralised units have since brought services – health, agriculture, planning, housing, transport, rural electricity, sports and culture, environment and conservation – closer to the people.

Themed: Deliver, Transform, Measure, Remaining Accountable, the conference had a three-day programme with 6,000 participants. An exhibition area presented opportunities to see various projects and activities undertaken by the county governments in collaboration with the Central Government and international partners.

County officials, who we spoke to, highlighted the challenges presented by language barrier. International investment conferences, organized by the counties present a glaring need for professional translation and interpretation services to make such events more successful.

A memorable highlight in this year’s conference was the sign language interpretation. Youla Nzale, a Kenyan sign language interpreter, caught many people’s attention with her facial expressions which matched the tone of the speakers. She conveyed messages as frustration, disgust and anger over the politics in the government. This brought attention to the importance of interpretation at such mega meetings, to communicate with every listener.

Tamarind Translations are equipped to make a difference in the Kenyan devolution journey. We have cooperated with counties in bridging the language barrier at meetings with local and international partners, stakeholder forums and field visits. We have translated press releases, supplementary features and official documents into Swahili, a language widely used by all Kenyans. We also offer sign language interpretation as required at conferences and meetings.