Tamarind Language Services’ Role in the Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change at the Africa Climate Summit 2023

Tamarind Language Services played a pivotal role in the creation and communication of the Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change at the Africa Climate Summit 2023.

We provided interpretation services in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, and Sign Language which was crucial in facilitating meaningful discussions among a diverse group of attendees who came from different African nations and beyond.

Our inclusion of Sign Language interpretation was a ground breaking addition to the summit’s efforts. It ensured that individuals with hearing impairments were actively engaged in the discussions around the Nairobi Declaration, promoting inclusivity and leaving no one behind in the fight against climate change.

The Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change emerged as a result of collaboration, consensus, and shared commitments. Our role in enabling the process through effective interpretation proves the importance of communication across language borders in addressing global challenges, like climate change.

Tamarind Language Services, dedication to building language bridges, fostering inclusivity, and promoting effective communication significantly contributed to the success and impact of the declaration, which will serve as a guiding document for climate action in the years to come.

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