Tamarind at Entomology Symposium Kisumu

For the third time, a leading medical research agency in Kenya requested Tamarind Translations to provide technical translation and interpretation services at an entomology symposium held in July in Kisumu, a city by Lake Victoria.

A team of military clinicians and  researchers from 11 African countries were involved in this special workshop focusing on the scientific study of insects, specifically mosquitos, ticks and sand flies, which are vectors of  malaria, Lyme disease and leishmaniasis; illnesses that abound in the tropics and that affect troops both in camp and in the field.

The workshop involved theoretical and practical exercises, both in the laboratories and out in the field where the insects were trapped and sampled in their natural habitat.
Tamarind Translations provided simultaneous interpretation during the plenary lecture sessions, and consecutive interpretation in the laboratory as well as out in the field.

The two-week assignment was concluded with a colourful graduation ceremony at the Acacia Premier Hotel, attended by senior military officials from the Kenya Defense Forces. Tamarind Translations was awarded a certificate of appreciation for the excellent technical interpretation services provided.

Translation Services by Tamarind Translations