Secretariat and other services

Secretariat Service
At Tamarind Language Services, we handle all secretariat services, clerical and any administrative tasks if required.  We offer ultra-modern secretariat equipment such as laptops/desktops, printers, scanners or any other office equipment that might be required.  This will be handled by highly trained staff to ensure smooth operation of the secretariat at all events.  The technical staff selected for support have extensive and practical experience in the provision of high quality secretariat services.

Audio Visuals, Videography and Photography Services
Audiovisual technologies have been embraced by nearly every industry and nearly every sector. At Tamarind Language Services, we develop personalized AV solutions to diverse businesses. We customize your communication system and create the AV solutions that enhance team productivity and facilitate customer engagement, so your event runs smoothly. Our customers are always happy with our services.
Event videos are the perfect way to highlight your engagement with customers and your zeal for your brand. Perfect for promoting future events, and securing new opportunities.
For photography, we create the perfect campaign by adding still pictures to your moving ones. Our team of photographers will provide still photography services designed to complement and enhance your video project.

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