International Translation Day 2019: Why do we celebrate St. Jerome?

International Translation Day 2019: Why do we celebrate St. Jerome?

Tamarind Translations will mark this year’s International Translation Day on Friday 27 September 2019. We have celebrated this event in Kenya since 2009 when we started our operations.

Translation is genuinely international. It promotes communication between communities, businesses and organisations whose languages are different. Without translators, communication would be difficult and the chances of carrying out trade and solving global issues would be almost impossible. What more reasons could there be to save one day – 30th September – every year to celebrate the role of translators all around the world?

This day celebrates the feast of St. Jerome, who is regarded as the forefather and patron saint of translators, as he translated the Bible from Hebrew into Latin for the first time. The United Nations officially made the 30th September an International Translation Day to help translators celebrate the role of translators.

This Year’s Theme: Indigenous Languages

Many indigenous languages are in danger of disappearing. Indigenous language translation is the theme for International Translation Day 2019 in recognition of the importance of preserving and protecting their language for millions of indigenous peoples around the world.

International Translation Day 2019