For the Environment : Cycle4Seas and Vipingo Village Waste Recycling Plant

We at Tamarind Translations believe in a sustainable environment. Between June and September this year, we have supported two worthy causes that are close to our hearts.

In March, we were very saddened by the passing away of our director Mr Jonathan Seex in the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines plane crash. He was an ardent bicycle rider and one of the brains behind a unique bike race from Nairobi to Watamu called Cycle4Seas. The aim was to raise funds for the cleaning of the Indian Ocean. In his honour we donated to this race that was successfully held in August. We miss him.

Secondly, for the past few years, we have supported the Mikaoni Nursery School in Vipingo, Kilifi. Recently Mr. Reggie Hobbs established a plant for recycling plastic waste in Vipingo Village which was opened in September. We are one of the key sponsors of the project that we believe will contribute to a good cause as well as give work to the local people.