Virtual meetings made easy

Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting

In the current COVID 19 crisis, social distancing and working from home make sense as part of global efforts to fight this pandemic. However, these measures also make it more difficult to do business. In a situation where physical business meetings, conferences, workshops and boardroom presentations are no longer possible, many commercial enterprises, government bodies and NGOs are resorting to virtual conferencing. Thanks to the internet, we can all maintain our connections with colleagues and external stakeholders working from home, wherever they are in the world. But this new reality is not without its challenges.
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Tamarind Language Services

Tamarind Language Services is the leading language service provider in Kenya. We have been providing high quality professional translation and Interpretation services to many of the world’s largest organisations and companies since 2009.

Located in the heart of Africa, we specialize in African languages. Naturally, we also offer translations into any other language. Our experienced translators use the latest translation software (CAT) and specialize in different fields.

Present but transparent! Our interpreters’ motto reflects the purpose of our role in conferences and meetings. We work with the market’s top interpreters with solid qualifications from several years of conference interpreting.

Committed, Customer-Oriented and Professional – In line with our value words, our project managers will ensure that your translation needs are met. Our on-site interpretation coordinators make sure that your multi-lingual conference will be smooth and uneventful. Our only aim is to make you yet another happy client.

Our Services

Tamarind Language Services is the leading language agency in Kenya, providing high quality professional translation services to many of East Africa’s largest organisations and companies since 2008. Our reputation for high quality professional translation services has been built up over the years. Read more!

We provide expert consecutive, simultaneous and business interpretation as well as personal interpreters for all languages required. Our interpreters have excellent skills in the required language combinations as well as technical knowledge in the field as specified by the client. Read more!

We offer state-of-the-art interpretation equipment including interpreter’s booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles and all related sound and audio components. Every aspect of your needs is taken care of – from the technical set-up of all equipment to the provision of interpreters and supervision during the event.

Translate faster and smarter! Trusted by over 200,000 translation professionals worldwide, SDL Trados is the complete translation software for language professionals who want to manage translation projects as well as corporate terminology. Covering around 15 countries in Africa, Tamarind Language Services is an official reseller of SDL Trados products.

We also offer secretariat equipment, audio-visual equipment, videography and photography services. Our highly trained and professional staff handle your event so your organisation can be assured of quality performance at all times. Read more!

Latest news

TamarInfo – Issue 2, 2020

Covid-19 has provided its fair share of challenges, which has forced many organizations to go back to the drawing board and identify ways in which their businesses can continue. This is why we have come up with innovative and tailor made solutions that will best suit your varying communication needs. We also note with interest that organizations are beginning to embrace the ‘new normal’ and gradually starting to adapt.

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Africa Free Continental Trade Area Launch

The successful launch of Africa Free Continental Trade Area (AfCFTA) took place on the 5th of March at Radisson Blu, Nairobi. This positions East Africa to earn US$ 1.8 billion in welfare gains and benefit from 2 million jobs. AfCFTA becomes operational in July this year.

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To ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we have decided to limit our movements during this period and maintain social distancing by working from our respective homes. This does not affect our service delivery at all. As usual, please contact us via email, phone or live chats and we shall be happy to assist you.